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CSLF Stakeholder Speaks at a Forum meeting
Ken Nemeth of the Southern
States Energy Board, a stake-
holder to the CSLF, poses a
question to a panel at a CSLF
meeting in Paris, France.
There are several ways to be involved in the activities of the CSLF.

Become a Member

National governmental entities may apply for membership to the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum by sending a letter of application to the CSLF Secretariat. The letter of application should be signed by the responsible Minister from the applicant country. In their application letter, prospective Members should:

  • Demonstrate they are a significant producer or user of fossil fuels that have the potential for carbon capture;
  • Describe their existing national vision and/or plan regarding carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies;
  • Describe an existing national commitment to invest resources on RD&D activities in CCS technologies;
  • Describe their commitment to engage the private sector in the development and deployment of CCS technologies; and
  • Describe specific projects or activities proposed that will be undertaken within the frame of the CSLF.

The letter of application will be circulated to the Members of the CSLF Policy Group for consideration. The application will then go forward for a decision at the next scheduled meeting of the Policy Group in accordance with Article 3.2 of the CSLF Charter.

Membership will be offered to national governmental entities that submit a successful application. The offer of membership can be accepted by signing the Charter in Counterpart at the Ministerial level and delivering it to the Secretariat. (A notarized "true copy" of the signed document is acceptable in lieu of the original.)

Membership is confirmed upon receipt by the Secretariat of the signed Charter. Correspondence can be sent to:

  • CSLF Secretariat
    U.S. Department of Energy
    1000 Independence Ave., S.W.
    Washington, DC 20585

Become a Stakeholder

The CSLF recognizes that stakeholders – those organizations that are affected by, and can affect, the goals of the CSLF – form an essential component of CSLF activities. Their views and contributions are important to the success of the CSLF. To become a stakeholder with the CSLF, please send an email to the CSLF Secretariat ( and provide us with your name, title, affiliation, and email address.