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July 29, 2014


Climate Change


White House: Major costs to delaying climate change policy
CNN – July 29
If lawmakers delay t taking action now on climate change it could cost taxpayers exponentially more in the future to deal with the effects of a warming planet, the White House is warning Tuesday.

The US Cities with the Worst Climate Change-Related Flooding
CityLab – July 29
"Flooding now occurs with high tides in many locations due to climate-related sea level rise, land subsidence and the loss of natural barriers," says the report's lead author, William Sweet. "The effects of rising sea levels along most of the continental U.S. coastline are only going to become more noticeable and much more severe in the coming decades, probably more so than any other climate-change related factor.

Regenesis Management Group & SWIIM Support White House Climate Data Initiative
Business Wire – July 29
In response to the White House Climate Data Initiative, Regenesis Management Group and SWIIM System are launching a comprehensive effort to help communities explore the consequences of future climate and water-use scenarios based upon agricultural crop-water availability.

White House: No Choice But to Act Now on Climate Change
Washington Times – July 29
The Obama administration released a comprehensive new report Tuesday in an attempt to justify its controversial actions on climate change, and also will roll out new executive moves to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Delay Action on Climate Change by 10 Years and Costs Rocket 40%
TIME – July 29
A new report estimates the cost of mitigating the effects of climate change could rise by as much as 40% if action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is delayed 10 years — immediately outweighing any potential savings of a delay.

Deepening Ties with India is Strategic Imperative: John Kerry
NDTV – July 28
Describing climate change as a biggest challenge not only for the world, but also India, Kerry called for increased collaboration between the two countries on this issue. "Of the 10 cities in the world with the worst air quality, six are in India,"

Rising Levels of Human-Caused Water Vapor in Troposphere will Intensify Climate Change Projections
Voice of America – July 28
When it comes to greenhouse gases that contribute most to global warming, most people think of substances such as carbon dioxide, methane or even hydrofluorocarbons.


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