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July 22, 2014


Carbon Capture and Storage

UK carbon capture scheme gets cash boost
Global Construction Review – July 22
A UK carbon capture and storage (CCS) project that would drastically reduce emissions from a coal-fired power plant received a funding boost of €300m from the European Commission this month.

Groundbreaking Held on New Carbon Capture Unit at Existing Power Plant
SurfKY News – July 21
"This project reinforces coal as part of the President's "All of the Above" strategy, and underscores the viability of coal as part of America's low-carbon economy," said Julio Friedmann, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Clean Coal and Carbon Management at the Department of Energy.

RTI wins $3M investment for biofuel research
WRAL Tech Wire – July 21
Researchers at RTI International are advancing processing technology for biomass-based transportation fuels under a $3.1 million award recently announced by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE).

China, U.S. Boost Search for Carbon Capture and Storage Solution
InsideClimate News – July 21
Yes, mounting carbon emissions threaten to heat up the world – but technology, particularly carbon capture and storage (CCS), will come to the rescue.

It's the Size that Matters:Plant Productivity is Impacted More by Age than Climate
Science World Report – July 21
It turns out that the size and age of a plant may have more to do with their productivity than the environment that they're in. The findings could have implications for carbon capture and storage using plants.

How to avoid earthquakes when storing carbon dioxide underground – July 21
As society struggles to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases, a number of scientists believe that carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be needed to halt climate change.


Climate Change


Is Antarctica Really Getting Icier? New Study Raises Questions – July 22
As Arctic sea ice vanishes at an alarming rate, scientists have reported a surprising finding in Antarctica. There, sea ice seems to be expanding.

Why Steyer's Millions Aren't Going To Save The Planet
Forbes – July 22
Displeased with the Times story, Steyer penned a lengthy response in Politco, in which he claims that his realization of climate change altered his thinking and prompted him to cut most of his ties with Farallon.

Senator Bernie Sanders: Increased Climate Coverage "Step In the Right Direction”
Media Matters – July 22
After calling for major network news outlets to air more reporting about climate change, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) praised the finding that Sunday morning news shows dramatically increased their coverage of the climate crisis.

Climate Change Already Having Profound Impacts on Lakes in Europe
For perspective on how climate change is affecting lakes, those of us here in the U.S. can just look across the pond, where scientists and the agencies involved in meeting the European Union’s Water Framework Directive have amassed an impressive body of research on the topic.

Climate models on the mark, Australian-led research finds
Sydney Morning Herald – July 21
In a study published in Nature Climate Changeon Monday, the team found that models actually generate good estimates of recent and past trends provided they also took into account natural variability, particularly the key El Nino-La Nina phases in the Pacific.


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