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Geologic CO2 Storage Assurance at In Salah, Algeria

Nominators: United Kingdom (lead) and Norway


In Salah gas drilling
Photo courtesy of BP
Recognized by the CSLF at its Berlin meeting in September 2005, this multifaceted project will develop the tools, technologies, techniques and management systems required to cost-effectively demonstrate, safe, secure, and verifiable CO2 storage in conjunction with commercial natural gas production. The goals of the project are to develop a detailed dataset on the performance of CO2 storage; provide a field-scale example on the verification and regulation of geologic storage systems; test technology options for the early detection of low-level seepage of CO2 out of primary containment; evaluate monitoring options and develop guidelines for an appropriate and cost-effective, long-term monitoring methodology; and quantify the interaction of CO2 re-injection and hydrocarbon production for long-term storage in oil and gas fields.


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