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Zama Acid Gas EOR, CO2 Sequestration, and Monitoring Project

Nominators: Canada (lead) and United States


Zama Acid Gas EOR, Sequestration and Monitoring Project
Recognized by the CSLF at its Paris meeting in March 2007, the Zama Acid Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery Project injects CO2 and hydrogen sulfide gas to enhance oil recovery at the Zama Field in Northern Alberta. Project objectives are to predict, monitor, and evaluate the fate of the injected acid gas; to determine the effect of hydrogen sulfide on CO2 sequestration; and to develop a "best practices manual" for measurement, monitoring, and verification of storage (MMV) of the acid gas. Acid gas injection was initiated in December 2006 and will result in sequestration of about 25,000 tons (or 375 million cubic feet) of CO2 per year.


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