The 13th CO2GeoNet Open Forum "Growing CCS for a sustainable future“ and adjacent joint workshops will take place from April 24–26, 2017, on San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy. The Open Forum will be devoted, on April 24–25, to state -of-the-art presentations given by renowned international experts, on the following topics:

  • Meeting the Paris Agreement targets: Update on trends and achievements towards climate goals
  • Transitioning to a net zero emission future: Zero/low CO2 commodities using CCS
  • Accelerating CCS to a large-scale deployment: What is needed to remove remaining barriers ?
  • Growing CCS sectors and emerging opportunities: New sectors and developments in CCS
  • International knowledge sharing on CO2 storage: Sharing practical experience and public engagements strategies

The Open Forum will be followed on April 26 by the following events:

  • Workshop: Storage site solutions
    Organized by ENOS project
  • Workshop: Developing large-scale storage in USA and Norway
    Organized by Gassnova

More details, programs and registration will be available soon at:

April 24–26, 2018, Venice, Italy