Event Date and Location: 
May 18–20, 2011, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Meeting Documents and Presentations

May 18, 2011

CSS in Academic Community Task Force Meeting   

Risk Assessment Task Force (RATF) Meeting    

Projects Interaction and Review Team (PIRT) Meeting    

May 19, 2011

Technical Group Meeting

Progress Reports from CSLF-Recognized Projects

  • Gorgon Project Presentation (not available)
    Mark Trupp, CO2 Team Leader, Chevron Australia
  • Quest CCS Project Presentation (pdf 2.8 MB)
    Syrie Crouch, Development Manager, Shell Canada Energy

Task Force Reports

 Presentations of Projects Nominated for CSLF Recognition

 CSLF Member Country Reports

 Luncheon Presentation

 Dinner Presentation

  • The Importance of CCS in Addressing Greenhouse Gas Challenges faced by Oil Sands Development (not available)
    Ian Silk, Quest Venture Manager, Shell Canada Energy, Canada