Event Date and Location: 
November 7, 2019, Chatou, France

This event was jointly organized by Total, CSLF, and IEAGHG. The event hosts were Club CO2 and EDF.


Workshop Agenda

Agenda (pdf 183 KB)

Background and Summary of Workshop

2019-IP13: CCUS and EIIs Workshop

Plenary Session

Welcome and Introduction (pdf 421 KB)
Dominique Copin (Workshop Chair), Total

The Role of EIIs for the Economic Development of Developed and Emerging Countries: Growth and Geographical Trends (pdf 451 KB)
Monica Garcia Ortega, IEAGHG

CO2 Emissions from EIIs (pdf 657 KB)
Lars Ingolf Eide, Research Council of Norway

Session 1: Decarbonising EIIs

Session Chair: Aïcha El Khamlichi, ADEME

Opportunities in the Refining Sector (pdf 1,964 KB)
Damien Valdenaire, Concawe

CCUS in the Cement Sector (pdf 1,562 KB)
Claude Lorea, Global Cement and Concrete Association

Technology Status of Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels with CCUS (pdf 1,810 KB)
Fabrice del Corso, Air Liquide

Session 2 (Roundtable): The Role of Stakeholders in the Implementation of CCUS in EIIs

Session Chair: Didier Bonijoly, BRGM/Club CO2

CCUS Activities in the Research Council of Norway (pdf 250 KB)
Åse Slagtern, Research Council of Norway

Northern Lights Project (pdf 370 KB)
Per Sandberg, Equinor

Natural Resources Canada’s 3-Pronged Approach to CCUS (pdf 460 KB)
Eddy Chui, Natural Resources Canada

Net Zero Teeside: The World’s First Net Zero Industrial Hub (pdf 179 KB)
Colin McGill, BP

(Note: Monica Garcia Ortega of the IEAGHG and Angus Gillespie of the GCCSI also participated in this roundtable but did not use PowerPoint presentations.)

Conclusions: The Future of CCUS in EIIs

Dominique Copin (Workshop Chair), Total (no PowerPoint presentation)