Event Date and Location: 
November 6, 2019, Chatou, France

This event was jointly organized by the CSLF, Equinor, IEAGHG, and IEA Hydrogen TCP. The event hosts were Club CO2 and EDF.


Workshop Agenda

Agenda (pdf 137 KB)

Summary and Key Messages from Workshop

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme Technical Review of Workshop

Plenary Session

Workshop Introduction and Background (pdf 937 KB)
Lars Ingolf Eide (Workshop Chair), Research Council of Norway

Session 1: Role of Hydrogen in a Low-Carbon Economy – Long-Term Perspectives

Session Chair: Lars Ingolf Eide, Research Council of Norway

Global Perspectives on Hydrogen and IEA Hydrogen Activities (pdf 1,927 KB)
Paul Lucchese, IEA Hydrogen TCP

Hydrogen Production with CCS: A National Perspective (pdf 1,090 KB)
Marten Hamelink, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

Hydrogen Safety Considerations for the Power-to-Gas (P2G) Conversion Process (pdf 1,148 KB)
Y. (John) F. Khalil, United Technologies Research Center

Northern Lights: A European CO2 Transport and Storage Network (pdf 1,714 KB)
Per Sandberg, Equinor

Hydrogen in Maritime Transport (pdf 673 KB)
Jacques Saint-Just, H2 Plus

Views from Industry: Oil Refineries towards 2050 (pdf 1,281 KB)
Damien Valdenaire, Concawe

Session 2: Case Studies

Session Chair: Mary-Rose de Valladares, IEA Hydrogen TCP

H21 (pdf 1,083 KB)
Anna Korolko, Equinor

The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (pdf 2,573 KB)
Hiroshi Ohata, J-Power

Overview of CCUS and Opportunities for Hydrogen (pdf 1,222 KB)
Mark Ackiewicz, United States Department of Energy (presented by Richard Lynch)

Role of Blue Hydrogen in the U.K.: Key Learnings from Recent Activities (pdf 1,863 KB)
Emrah Durusut, Element Energy

Session 3: Technology Status for Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels with CCUS

Session Chair: Christoph Schäfer, Equinor

Overview: Hydrogen Production Today and Tomorrow (pdf 2,801 KB)
Mary-Rose de Valladares, IEA Hydrogen TCP

Status of Hydrogen Production with CO2 Capture (pdf 1,587 KB)
Sigmund Ø. Størset, SINTEF

Technology Status of Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels with CCS (pdf 1,270 KB)
Fabrice Del Corso, Air Liquide

World Scale Hydrogen Production – Opportunities for Large-Scale CO2 Capture (pdf 977 KB)
Vince White, Air Products

Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production with Integrated CO2 Capture (pdf 828 KB)
Markus Lesemann, GTI

Breakout Sessions

Issues addressed:

  • Where to Go from Here – Opportunities for and Approaches to Cooperation
  • RD&D Needs for Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels with CCS – A View toward Bringing Down the Cost and Carbon Footprint
  • Creating a Market for Hydrogen with CCS – Incentives, Policy and Regulatory Aspects?

Report-outs from Breakout Sessions

Breakout session leads

Conclusions, Wrap-up, and Path Forward

Lars Ingolf Eide (Workshop Chair), Research Council of Norway
The “Summary and Key Messages” document describes outcomes, conclusions, and recommendations from the workshop.