Event Date and Location: 
November 28–29, 2008, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Group shot from the meeting

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the 3rd CSLF Capacity Building in Emerging Economies Workshop on 28-29 January 2008 in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. CSLF experts from around the globe shared their experience in implementing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies with approximately 130 attendees representing 17 countries. His Royal Highness, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Assistant Minister for Petroleum Affairs, of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, opened the workshop and emphasized the role of innovation, markets, and technological development in mitigating climate change. The workshop featured four main themes: Commercial Aspects and Opportunities for Storage of CO2 in Oil and Gas Reservoirs; Technology Roadmaps and Their Importance; Issues that Impact CCS; and the Needs of Emerging Economy Countries. Another highlight of the workshop was the participation of an official from the Asian Development Bank who addressed issues of financing projects in emerging economies. The workshop was sponsored by Saudi Aramco and included a tour of Saudi Aramco's Shaybah Gas-Oil Separation Plant.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Plenary Session

  Saudi Arabia Perspectives on CCS (pdf 128 KB)
  His Royal Highness, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, Assistant Minister for Petroleum Affairs
  Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia


  The Importance of Capacity Building (pdf 9 KB) 
  Trude Sundset, Chair of CSLF Technical Group, Norway


  Introduction to the Themes of the Capacity Building Workshop (pdf 740 KB)
  Justin Swift, Chair of CSLF Capacity Building Task Force, United States



Theme I: Commercial Aspects & Opportunities for Storage of CO2 in Oil and Gas Reservoirs

  Moderator and Thematic Speaker (pdf 815 KB)
  Pierre Le Thiez, IFP, France



  CO2-EOR Operations: The IEA GHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring & Storage Project (pdf 3.31 MB)
  Frank Mourits, Natural Resources Canada



  CO2-EOR Research in Saudi Aramco (pdf 972 KB)
  Nabeel I. Al-Afaleg, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia



  Potential for CO2 Sequestration from Natural Gas Production (pdf 622 KB)
  Trude Sundset, StatoilHydro, Norway


  Economics of CCS for EOR (pdf 209 KB)
  Michael E. Moore, Coalition for Enhanced Oil Recovery, United States



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Theme II: Technology Roadmaps and Their Importance

  Moderator and Thematic Speaker (pdf 164 KB)
  Nick Otter, ALSTOM Power Ltd., United Kingdom



  Saudi Aramco's CO2 Carbon Capture & Storage Technology Roadmap (pdf 261 KB)
  Ali A. Al-Meshari, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia



  Australia's Carbon Dioxide Capture & Storage Technology Roadmap (pdf 2.59 MB)
  Dennis Van Puyvelde, Cooperative Research Center for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), Australia



  Canada's CO2 Capture and Storage Technology Roadmap (pdf 907 KB)
  Bill Reynen, National Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada



  United States Carbon Sequestration Technology Roadmap & Program Plan / FutureGen (pdf 736 KB)
  Joseph Giove, Office of Fossil Energy, United States Department of Energy



  The European Union's ZEP Platform (pdf 501 KB) 
  Derek Taylor, Energy Advisor, European Commission



Theme III: Issues that Impact CCS

  Issues that Impact CCS (pdf 22 KB)
  Derek Taylor, European Commission



  Legal and Regulatory Issues (pdf 71 KB)
  John Bradshaw, Geoscience Australia



  Risk Assessment (pdf 1.29 MB)
  George Guthrie, Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States



  Societal Issues related to CCS Deployment (pdf 639 KB)
  John Bradshaw, Geoscience Australia



  Public Outreach and Education (pdf 650 KB)
  Anne-Marie Thompson, Natural Resources Canada



Theme IV: The Needs of Emerging Economy Countries

  Needs of Emerging Economic Countries (pdf 36 KB)
  Ashok Bhargava, Asian Development Bank



  The Needs of Emerging Economy Countries - Brazil (pdf 652 KB)
  Marcelo Ketzer, PUCRS-CEPAC Carbon Research Center, Brazil



  Needs of Emerging Economies - India (pdf 134 KB)
  Sanjay Sharma, Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi, India



  Challenges of CCS Deployment - South Africa (pdf 797 KB)
  Jeff Kgobane, Department of Minerals and Energy, South Africa