Event Date and Location: 
June 14, 2012, Bergen, Norway

Plenary Session

  Workshop Introduction and Background (presentation not available)
  John Panek, Deputy Director, CSLF Secretariat


  Welcoming and Keynote Address (presentation not available)
  Trygve Riis, Special Adviser, Research Council of Norway


Session 1: Scaling Up Carbon Capture for Commercial Deployment

This session identified and described possible issues and other considerations for CO2 capture in commercial-scale projects, such as identifying and understanding the scale-up risks of CO2 capture processes. Project sponsors detailed their real-world experience utilizing carbon capture at commercial scale.

Session Co-Chairs

Jürgen-Friedrich Hake
Head, Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany

Ping Zhong
Programme Officer, The Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21, China

  Rotterdam Opslag en Afvang Demonstratieproject (ROAD) (pdf 814 KB)
  Hans Schoenmakers, Director of Stakeholder Management, ROAD, Netherlands


  CO2 Technology Center Mongstad Project (pdf 1.5 MB)
  Olav Falk-Pedersen, Technology Manager, CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad, Norway



  CO2 Capture Project – Phase 3 (pdf 1.2 MB)
  Mark Crombie, CCP3 Program Manager, BP Alternative Energy, United Kingdom


  EERC Partnership for CO2 Capture (including Fort Nelson and Zama Projects) (pdf 4.43 MB)
  Mike Holmes, Deputy Associate Director for Research, Energy & Environmental Research Center, United States


Session 2: Strategies and Technologies for Carbon Capture Cost Reduction

This session explored possible strategies and other considerations that can reduce the cost for CO2 capture at commercial scale. These included regeneration of plant heat and cooling; maximizing efficiency in integrating environmental control systems (i.e., SOx, NOx); achieving the right balance between plant operation and integration; front-end investment as a means of mitigating risk (and thereby costs); identifying and assessing critical equipment; and developing and validating modeling tools.

Session Co-Chairs

Lars Ingolf Eide
Consultant, CLIMIT Programme, Research Council of Norway

Ed Steadman
Senior Research Advisor, Energy & Environmental Research Center. United States

  Quest CCS Project (pdf 1.59 MB)
  Len Heckel, Quest Business Opportunity Manager, Shell in Canada


  Lacq CO2 Capture and Storage Project (pdf 1.77 MB)
  Jacques Monne, CCS R&D Project Manager, Total, France


  SaskPower Integrated CCS Demonstration Project at Boundary Dam Unit 3 (pdf 1.76 MB)
  Michael Monea, President, CCS Initiatives, Saskatchewan Power Corporation, Canada


  CO2CRC Otway Project (pdf 2.18 MB)
  Richard Aldous, CEO, CO2CRC, Australia


  CO2 Removal at Sleipner (pdf 1.64 MB)
  Eivind Johannessen, Principal Researcher, Gas Treating Technologies, Statoil, Norway