Event Date and Location: 
November 3, 2011, London, United Kingdom

As a part of both the CSLF’s and Global CCS Institute's focus on assisting CCS projects through knowledge sharing, a one-day workshop was organized to share experiences on CCS project integration and to identify priority integration topics that need further attention to facilitate CCS project development and deployment.

Approximately 50 people were in attendance, which allowed for open discussions on a range of technical topics related to CCS project integration, including heat integration, plant operability, environmental control, CO2 specifications, and scale-up challenges. Interactive discussions between Workshop participants also delved into the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating the CCS chain from a commercial and management perspective. Insights were presented on the timing of storage site characterization and issues associated with balancing transportation systems for CCS.

The open panel discussions were fed by presentations from leading projects with experience on key integration themes.

Morning Programme 

  • Introduction and Scene Set (pdf 1.17 MB)
    Nick Otter, Workshop Chair and member of the Global CCS Institute Technical Advisory Committee​

Session 1: Project Integration – Integrating a Capture Facility into a Host Plant

Session 2: Project Integration Challenges

Afternoon Programme 

Session 3: Integrating the CCS Chain – Adding Transport and Storage