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November 4–7, 2013, Washington, D.C., USA
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The CSLF held its 5th Ministerial Meeting in Washington, DC, USA, on November 4-7, 2013. The highlight of the meeting was the Ministerial Conference on November 7th. Ministers and their designates who attended the Conference endorsed carbon capture, and storage technologies (CCS) as one of the low-carbon technology options critical to the global quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from both coal and gas-fired power plants and a range of industrial processes including refineries, the chemical sector, and cement and steel manufacturing. In addition to calling for actions, individually and collaboratively, to promote the further development and deployment of CCS, the CSLF Ministers:

  • Recommended the development of financial frameworks and incentive mechanisms to drive near-term demonstration and deployment of CCS and allow CCS technologies to compete fairly with other low carbon technologies;
  • Recommended developing workable CCS demonstration and deployment strategies in both the power and industrial sectors;
  • Stressed the vital importance of global coordinated efforts on coherent and optimal CCS R&D and demonstrations;
  • Recommended establishment of permitting frameworks that will ensure the safety and integrity of integrated CCS systems, and elimination of obstacles for their demonstration and deployment;
  • Recommended development of appropriate laws and regulations, including those regarding long-term stewardship and liability, as a key to ensuring public confidence in CCS;
  • Encouraged cooperation between countries to identify and assess shared geological storage resources and develop plans for their orderly development, including development of associated transportation systems;
  • Supported the strengthening of national, regional and international efforts to improve understanding among the public and stakeholders of CCS technology and the importance of its demonstration and deployment; and
  • Strongly supported efforts to grow capacity in CCS and foster appropriate steps in knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

Ministers recognized that the success of the CSLF in providing governments with an international forum to collaborate and create shared commitments to CCS research, development, demonstration and deployment, including ongoing CSLF initiatives to:

photo of ministers and heads of delegation
Ministers and Heads of Delegation

  • Share information internationally on important CCS projects;
  • Share information internationally on important policy initiatives and legal and regulatory developments in member countries;
  • Build the capacity for CCS in the developing country CSLF Members;
  • Explore methods for financing CCS projects, including in developing countries; and
  • Develop global roadmaps for research, development and demonstration of CCS technologies.

The Ministers also stressed that the next seven years are critically important for creating the conditions for CCS to be ready for large-scale deployment by the end of the decade. To that end, the Ministers requested that the CSLF identify and prioritize a focused set of collaborative actions in areas where international partnership can advance CCS globally, and take actions to facilitate such partnerships. 

Other key results from the Meeting included:

  • Recognition of five new collaborative projects; and
  • Launch of the 2013 CSLF Technology Roadmap.

Communiqués from the Ministerial Meeting

Meeting Documents and Presentations

Technical Group Meeting (November 5, 2013)

Policy Group Meeting (November 6, 2013)

Ministerial Conference (November 7, 2013)

Task Force Meetings

Projects Interaction and Review Team (PIRT) (November 4, 2013)   

Documents Books Prepared for the Meeting

Overall Meeting Documents Book

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Ministerial Conference Briefing Documents

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CSLF Technology Roadmap 

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 Updates from CSLF Recognized Projects

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