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United States
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This was a pilot-scale project, located in Ontario, Canada, that demonstrated oxy-fuel combustion technology with carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. The project focus was on energy-efficient integrated multipollutant control, waste management, and CO2 capture technologies for combustion-based applications, and to provide information for the scale-up, design, and operation of large-scale industrial and utility plants based on the oxy-fuel concept. The project concluded when the consortium members deemed that the overall status of oxy-fuel technology had reached the level of maturity needed for precommercial field demonstration. The project successfully laid the foundation for new research at CANMET on novel near-zero emission power generation technologies using pressurized oxy-fuel combustion and advanced CO2 turbines.

Recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at its Melbourne meeting in September 2004.

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