Project Nominators (lead): 
United States
Project Nominators (additional): 
China, France, and Norway
Project Description: 

This is a computational research initiative, with activities ongoing at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, four other national laboratories, and five universities across the United States, with collaboration from other organizations outside the United States including industry partners. The objective is to develop and utilize an integrated suite of computational tools (the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative Toolset, or CCSI) in order to support and accelerate the development, scale-up, and commercialization of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies. The anticipated outcome is a significant reduction in the time that it takes to develop and scale up new technologies in the energy sector. Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact (CCSI2) will apply the CCSI toolset, in partnership with industry, in the scale up of new and innovative COcapture technologies. A major focus of CCSI2 will be model validation using the large-scale pilot test information from projects around the world to help predict design and operational performance at all scales, including commercial demonstrations. These activities will help maximize the learning that occurs at each scale during technology development. 

Recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at the 2017 Mid-Year Meeting in May 2017