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France and the United Kingdom
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This is a pilot-scale project, located at Svelvik, Norway, that will investigate carbon dioxide (CO2) leakage characteristics in a well-controlled and well-characterized permeable geological formation. Relatively small amounts of CO2 will be injected to obtain underground distribution data that resemble leakage at different depths. The resulting underground CO2 distribution will resemble leakages and will be monitored with an extensive set of methods deployed by the project partners. The main objective is to ensure and increase CO2 storage safety by obtaining valuable knowledge about monitoring CO2 migration and leakage. The outcomes from this project will help facilitate commercial deployment of CO2 storage by providing the protocols for ensuring compliance with regulations and will help assure the public about the safety of CO2 storage by demonstrating the performance of monitoring systems.

Recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at its Warsaw meeting in October 2010.

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