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United States
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This is a large-scale commercial project that will collect up to 3,000 tonnes per day of carbon dioxide (CO2) for deep geologic storage. The CO2 is being captured from the fermentation process used to produce ethanol at an industrial corn processing complex in Decatur, Illinois, in the United States. The goals of the project are to design, construct, and operate a new CO2collection, compression, and dehydration facility capable of delivering up to 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per day to the injection site; to integrate the new facility with an existing 1,000 tonnes of CO2per day compression and dehydration facility to achieve a total CO2 injection capacity of 3,000 tonnes per day (or one million tonnes annually); to implement deep subsurface and near-surface monitoring, verification, and accounting of the stored CO2; and to develop and conduct an integrated community outreach, training, and education initiative.

Recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at its Perth meeting in October 2012.

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