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European Commission
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The first European onshore carbon dioxide (CO2) storage project was initiated at the Ketzin pilot site in 2004. Between June 2008 and August 2013, about 67 kilotonnes of CO2 were injected into a saline aquifer at depths of 630 to 650 meters. All project stages were accompanied by continuous research, conducted within the framework of several national and international research projects, to investigate the injection of CO2 and the subsequent propagation of the CO2 plume within the sandstone reservoir. A comprehensive monitoring programme was implemented to address storage safety and reliability. Overall, the Ketzin site demonstrated a safe and reliable CO2 storage operation in an onshore environment. The research storage pilot terminated in 2017.

Recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at its Melbourne meeting in September 2004.

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