Project Nominators (lead): 
United States
Project Nominators (additional): 
Japan and Canada
Project Description: 

This large-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) storage project, located in Michigan and nearby states in the northern United States, will, over its 4-year duration, inject a total of one million tonnes of CO2 into different types of oil and gas fields in various lifecycle stages. The project will include collection of fluid chemistry data to better understand geochemical interactions, development of conceptual geologic models for this type of CO2 storage, and a detailed accounting of the CO2 injected and recycled. Project objectives are to assess storage capacities of these oil and gas fields, validate static and numerical models, identify cost-effective monitoring techniques, and develop system-wide information for further understanding of similar geologic formations. Results obtained during this project are expected to provide a foundation for validating that carbon capture and storage technologies can be commercially deployed in the northern United States.

Recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at its Washington meeting in November 2013.

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