Project Nominators (lead): 
United States
Project Nominators (additional): 
Japan, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom
Project Description: 

This is a capture-only large-scale pilot project, located in La Porte, Texas, in the United States, whose overall objective is to demonstrate the performance of the Allam power cycle. The Allam cycle is a next-generation gas turbine-derived power cycle that uses high-pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of steam to produce power at low cost and with no atmospheric emissions. The project includes construction and operation of a 50 megawatts thermal natural gas-fueled pilot plant and also design of a much larger proposed commercial-scale project. The anticipated outcome of the project is verification of the performance of the Allam cycle, its control system and components, and purity of the produced CO2 with learnings being used in the design of a future commercial-scale project using this technology.