CCS Activities in Mexico

Mexico flagMexico has started studies to incorporate a post-combustion capture system in a power plant that is currently being redesigned to use coal instead of oil as primary fuel. The power plant (Tuxpan) consists of six 350 MWe units and in a first stage capture could be done in one unit, with the possibility of expanding it to two units. The CO2 will be used by the oil industry for EOR in the nearby fields (100 km). The preliminary studies are being one by the national utility (CFE) and the Institute of Electrical Research (IIE) with some support from the Center Mario Molina. The power plant, converted to coal, would be operational in the period 2013 to 2014, with the capture system operational shortly afterwards. However the project is now on hold, due to the investment required and to a more recent trend in México to convert oil fired power plants to gas fired. A new project consisting in a pilot plant for 10 tons/day of CO2 is being considered in a natural gas combined cycle power plant, but no final decision has been made. PEMEX has developed a strategic plan for EOR using CO2 in some of the projects. The CO2 required for these projects will be around 25 tons of CO2 per year. Additionally a project to use CO2 to grow algae to produce ethanol is being developed by the company BIOFIELDS, and the CO2 will be provided by the Puerto Libertad Power Station that is being converted to use natural gas as primary fuel.