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Regional Opportunities for CO2 Capture and Storage in China (Project Completed)

Nominators: United States (lead) and China

Regional Opportunities for CO2 Capture in China

This project characterized the technical and economic potential of CO2 capture and storage technologies in China. The goals were to compile key characteristics of large anthropogenic CO2 sources (including power generation, iron and steel plants, cement kilns, petroleum and chemical refineries, etc.) as well as candidate geologic storage formations, and to develop estimates of geologic CO2 storage capacities in China. The project found 2,300 gigatons of potential CO2 storage capacity in onshore Chinese basins, significantly more than previous estimates. Another important finding is that the heavily developed coastal areas of the East and South Central regions appear to have less access to large quantities of onshore storage capacity than many of the inland regions. These findings present the possibility for China?s continued economic growth with coal while safely and securely reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
Recognized by the CSLF at its Berlin meeting, September 2005


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