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Geologic CO2 Storage Assurance at In Salah, Algeria

Nominators: United Kingdom (lead) and Norway

In Salah gas drilling
Photo courtesy of BP

This multifaceted project will develop the tools, technologies, techniques and management systems required to cost-effectively demonstrate, safe, secure, and verifiable CO2 storage in conjunction with commercial natural gas production. The goals of the project are to develop a detailed dataset on the performance of CO2 storage; provide a field-scale example on the verification and regulation of geologic storage systems; test technology options for the early detection of low-level seepage of CO2 out of primary containment; evaluate monitoring options and develop guidelines for an appropriate and cost-effective, long-term monitoring methodology; and quantify the interaction of CO2 re-injection and hydrocarbon production for long-term storage in oil and gas fields.

Recognized by the CSLF at its Berlin meeting, September 2005


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