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SECARB Early Test at Cranfield Project

Nominators: United States (lead), Canada, and United Kingdom

This is a large-scale project, located near Natchez, Mississippi, USA, which involves transport, injection, and monitoring of approximately one million tonnes of CO2 per year into a deep saline reservoir associated with a commercial enhanced oil recovery operation, but the focus of this project will be on the CO2 storage and monitoring aspects.? The project will promote the building of experience necessary for the validation and deployment of carbon sequestration technologies in the United States, and will increase technical competence and public confidence that large volumes of CO2 can be safely injected and stored.? Components of the project also include public outreach and education, site permitting, and implementation of an extensive data collection, modeling, and monitoring plan.? This "early" test will set the stage for a subsequent large-scale integrated project that will involve post-combustion CO2 capture, transportation via pipeline, and injection into a deep saline formation.

Recognized by the CSLF at its Warsaw meeting, October 2010

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